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Through lectures, special guest appearances, OK...On Second Thought workshops, and seminars, Eddy helps audiences navigate through uncomfortable conversations that prevent people, groups, and organizations from making critical breakthroughs. Those who have experienced Eddy in person and online can tell you that they have been challenged, enlightened, and inspired.

Keynote Topics

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Building strong teams is crucial as they foster a collaborative environment where diverse skills and perspectives synergize, leading to enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and productivity. Moreover, robust teams cultivate a supportive atmosphere that boosts morale and engagement, driving collective success and individual growth.

I thrive on the challenge of addressing uncomfortable topics that frequently pose obstacles in the workplace, embracing the chance to engage large and small audiences on these critical issues. However, what excites me even more is the opportunity to delve deeper with organizations and teams through hands-on workshops and consultations. These interactive sessions offer a more impactful and measurable approach, allowing me to work closely with teams to identify, confront, and overcome these challenges. Through this immersive involvement, I can facilitate meaningful change, fostering a more open, inclusive, and productive workplace environment.

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