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Through lectures, special guest appearances, OK...On Second Thought workshops, and seminars, Eddy helps audiences navigate through uncomfortable conversations that prevent people, groups, and organizations from making critical breakthroughs. Those who have experienced Eddy in person and online can tell you that they have been challenged, enlightened, and inspired.

Keynote Topics

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Conscious leadership is a management style that emphasizes self-awareness, ethical behavior, and a commitment to the welfare of both individuals and the broader community. It involves leaders who are not only focused on achieving organizational goals but also on fostering a positive impact on society and the environment. Conscious leaders prioritize transparency, empathy, and integrity in their decision-making processes, seeking to inspire and cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration within their organizations.

I thrive in speaking to and consulting on conscious leadership, innovation, organizational management, and topics that frequently pose obstacles in the workplace. I embrace the chance to engage large and small audiences. Through speaking, hands-on workshops, and consultations, these interactive engagements offer a more impactful and measurable approach, often allowing me to continue working closely with teams to identify, confront, and overcome challenges.

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