Eddy Paul Thomas
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Host of the Rhythm of Faith
Digital Creator
Founder of The Upper Room Project
Founder of Conference Loft

Eddy Paul Thomas is a different kind of guy.


Eddy is also a born storyteller. As a guest speaker in a variety of forums, the host of The Rhythm of Faith Podcast, the author of the Thompson Woods Trail children’s book series and the author of the Conversations from the Middle of the Room blog, Eddy Paul Thomas’ message of hope, unity, and personal growth have been received by diverse audiences around the globe.


Eddy has also enjoyed a decorated basketball career. Winning championships as a player and a coach, while also having an impact on so many young and aspiring student-athletes.


While all his accomplishments are noteworthy, they pale in comparison to his “why.” Eddy Paul Thomas is driven to leave a legacy of global impact because of his faith and the influence of so many trailblazers in his family. That faith and influence are the motivating factors behind everything he does both professionally and personally.

In witnessing the amazing work of many nonprofits and ministries in his career, he noticed that many of them knew how to positively impact the lives of those they served, but struggled with how to share those stories. It was in that revelation that Eddy Paul Thomas discerned his calling… to help others find creative ways to tell their story. Thus began The Upper Room Project.


With the goal of sharing meaningful stories and developing creative solutions, Eddy Paul Thomas hopes to leave behind a legacy of bringing people together from all backgrounds and leaving this place better than he found it.


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