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Thompson Woods Trail by Eddy Paul Thomas
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This Summer!

Thompson Woods Trail Book How Can I Help? by Eddy Paul Thomas

The Thompson Woods Trail gang is back at it again. In How Can I Help? the family learns to become contributors to their community.

In Can We Eat Now? they discover a whole new world

that exists within their

very own neighborhood!

Thompson Woods Trail Book Can We Eat Now? by Eddy Paul Thomas

Thompson Woods Trail is a series of children's books dedicated to enriching the lives of children through sharing the American experience through the lens of the American minority.
Each story is written for all to foster growth and unity amongst all the nation's tribes.

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What’s Up with My History Book?

Enjoy storytime with Thompson Woods Trail! Imagine if children grew up knowing their history? What if they knew how amazing they and their ancestors truly are? Explore some of the amazing people throughout Black history through the eyes of a child.

Why Can't I Just Have It #1 on Amazon

Debuted at #1 in Children's Financial Literacy Books on

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Why Can’t I Just Have It?

Enjoy storytime with Thompson Woods Trail! Imagine if children grew up with a working knowledge of how to manage money. What if they not only knew how to save, give, spend, and invest at a young age, but also learned how to become an entrepreneur as well? The impact of learning these skills could have a lasting impact for generations to come! 

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A Broken Seat at the Table

Conversations About Race, Resilience, and Building Bridges


Eddy Paul Thomas reflects on hard conversations, challenging situations, and personal experiences with

institutional racism in this book.

The combination of failed and successful attempts at racial reconciliation and restorative justice serve as inspirations for building bridges and less debate on the way forward by examining the truth regarding our nation's original sin.

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