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Stories aren't just tales; they're the heartbeat of humanity. They've sculpted our history, given life to our beliefs, ignited battles, and sown seeds of peace. I don't just write stories; I weave bridges of understanding and pathways to healing. Dive into my books and let them touch your soul, transform your perspective, and inspire a world of change within you.


A Broken Seat at the Table

Conversations About Race, Resilience, and Building Bridges

From the palpable sting of institutional racism to the hurdles he faced, Eddy Paul Thomas's chronicles are both heart-wrenching and hope-filled. Witness this journey through the maze of racial reconciliation and restorative justice. Through both triumphs and trials, Thomas beckons us to forge bridges of understanding rather than barriers of debate, urging a collective embrace of our nation's undeniable truths. This isn't just a book; it's a call to action.

A Brokn Seat at the Table
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In fall of 2024, Eddy Paul Thomas presents, Conscious: Learning to Lead from Within. This book will be a transformative guide that redefines what it means to be an effective leader. Moving beyond traditional models, this book delves into the principles of conscious leadership, showcasing how mindfulness and self-awareness can profoundly impact not only professional environments but also personal relationships and community interactions.







Discover the transformative power of conscious listening in "Ok...On Second Thought" by Eddy Paul Thomas. This insightful guide delves into a revolutionary approach to communication, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's internal state—emotionally, mentally, and physically—before engaging in active listening.

Unlike traditional active listening techniques, conscious listening begins with self-awareness, allowing you to bring your best self to every conversation. By exploring the nuances of your internal landscape, you can foster deeper, more meaningful connections and navigate discussions with greater empathy and clarity.

Ok...On Second Thought
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In Bootstraps: Violent Interruptions, Eddy Paul Thomas uncovers the buried history of thriving African-American communities tragically upended by White Rage. Highlighting the resilience and entrepreneurship of Black communities post-slavery, Thomas exposes the deliberate efforts to erase their legacy. This compelling read will invite readers to face America's unsettling history of racial injustice.

Bootstraps: Violent Interruptions
Torn From Our People
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In 2025, you can immerse yourself in Torn From Our People, where Eddy Paul Thomas weaves poetic resonance about the journey of the African Diaspora who made it to American shores. From heart-stirring triumphs to gut-wrenching moments of terror and despair; from the unwavering flames of faith to the triumph over haunting fears – this collection is a luminous testament to the indomitable spirit and miraculous essence of Black resilience.

Children's Literature

When the Light Turns On
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In 'When the Light Turns On,' Eddy Paul Thomas lovingly weaves together a tapestry of fairytale-esque narratives, all told through the unique lens of the West African diaspora. Each story becomes a luminous beacon, shining light on invaluable lessons, age-old wisdom, and the rich cultural tapestries that shape the diaspora's experience. Thomas delves deep, unearthing tales that captivate and educate, inviting readers to step into a world where every twist and turn resonates with timeless truths and profound insights. It's more than just a collection; it's an enchanting journey into the heart of West African heritage.

When the Light Turns On


What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

Dive into the heartwarming journey of Alan and Pops as they unravel a question that echoes through the corridors of time: "What does it mean to be a man?" Join their adventure and discover a timeless lesson about manhood.

Wht Does It Mean To Be A Man?
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Why Can't I Just Have it?

Picture this: a world where kids aren't just saving their allowances, but actively learning how to spend, save, give, and invest smartly. Even better? They're picking up entrepreneurial skills before they even hit their teens! This isn't just about managing pocket money; it's about shaping the financial wizards and business leaders of tomorrow. Imagine the ripple effect on future generations when our youngsters are empowered with such wisdom!

Why Can't I Just Have It?
How Can I Help?
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How Can I Help?

Join Alan, Nicole, and their vibrant circle of friends as they embark on a thrilling quest to transform their community. Dive into their adventures and witness the magic of collaboration and innovation in action!

What's Up With My History Book?
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What's Up With My History Book?

Imagine a world where Black and African American children wake up every day empowered by the rich tapestry of their history! Dive into the incredible journeys of their ancestors and meet the heroes that walked before them. Experience Black history as if seen through the bright, curious eyes of a child. Let's journey together!

What readers are saying...

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Wellness Journals

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Mission One Love Prss

At Mission One Love Press, we keep it simple.

We design products to help increase mindfulness, motivation, & movement for underrepresented communities.

100 Days of Wellness Journal

My Nightly Gratitude Journal

for Kids

Lotus Gratitude Journal

100 Days

100 Days of Wellness Journal

Tracking your personal wellness with the

100 Days of Wellness Journal can help you maintain a healthy and balanced life, both physically and mentally. By keeping track of your wellness, you can take an active role in your own health and well-being and make positive changes to improve your quality of life.

Taking time to express 60 nights of gratitude in My Nightly Gratitude Journal can be a powerful tool for improving mental health, helping to reduce stress, improving self-awareness and emotional regulation, and increasing creativity and clarity of thought.

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My Nightly Gratitude Journal

for Kids

Nightly Gratitude

Lotus Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude through writing in a Lotus Gratitude Journal can have a significant impact on our lives and well-being, and it is a simple yet powerful tool that we can use to cultivate more positivity, happiness, and resilience.

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